What is the true expression of Chinese power?

—-Inspiration from the establishment of the Chinese American Real Estate Association of Greater Washington

“My commitment and dedication, self-discipline and dedication, the courage to bear responsibility, adherence to industry standards, safeguard the interests of the industry and reputation, and establish a good image of the industry; I insist, service members, to serve the community for the benefit of one party” in front of more than one hundred guests, five members of the Greater Washington Chinese Real estate Association, the first Council of the solemn oath. Cowboy hat on their heads is not an ordinary decoration, more of a symbol of responsibility and mission. To wear the crown, must bear its weight. Such solemn swearing-in ceremony in the Chinese community is very rare.

On the afternoon of January 10, 2019, the Chinese Real Estate Association in the Greater Washington area held a grand opening ceremony at the Green Court Innovation Center Building in North Bethesda, Maryland. The association is the first Chinese-based real estate association in the Greater Washington area.

After more than 20 years of hard work, the association has experienced the hard work of two generations of real estate practitioners in the Chinese community. After more than three months of preparation, it has finally been composed of nearly 20 leading Chinese real estate leaders in the Greater Washington area.

The opening ceremony has been invited to join a group of prominent guests and industry leaders from the area of the Greater Washington regional real estate industry, together to witness the birth of the society. Maryland senator Susan Lee and other VIP crown cap for board members.

Mr. Ting Tang, CEO of the first council, delivered the opening speech. “Today we huddle together, form associations, rely on each other, and work together to better embrace an uncertain future,” he said. Services and advances are the theme words of associations.

Unlike other council members, Mr. Tang has no real estate background. He is an experienced media professional, but that didn’t stop him from becoming the first chairman.

Because the great Washington Chinese real estate association is not focused on a house a single business, but the development and progress of the whole Chinese community, the whole real estate industry, the whole great Washington area.

Chinese Americans also have the ability and awareness to operate mature associations. Therefore, the association should not only be a platform to grasp and release industry information, but also a bridge to connect members with the public, the government, and other social groups. Moreover, it should mobilize Chinese people to make do contributions to the whole society and the whole country. 

As a result, Mr. Tang’s strategy of “media establishment” came into being. He believed that exclusive publicity channels and professional information means could make the Chinese-American real estate association in greater Washington better contribute Chinese talents to the whole American society on the basis of serving Chinese communities. 

The Chinese American real estate association in Washington DC has a number of real estate industry leaders. The vice President and director of the department of education, Ms. Terring Wang, has described to the guests the goal and purpose of the national association of Chinese real estate services, the service members, the service society, and the service society, and introduces the basic status and structure of the association.

Association founder chairman by Ms. Stephany Yu the first session of the council members include: chief executive officer Mr. Ting Tang, vice President and director of marketing, Mr. Tony Yeh, vice President and director of the ministry of education Ms. Terring Wang, vice President and director of the secretariat Ms. Emily Wang, vice President and heralded Mr. Allen Wu, director of the department and the financial officer Ms.Yuchao Li.

Ms. Terring Wang emphasize that “the president is not an officer and the association is not in charge.” To open the mind to do association, let members grow together, dedication to society.

Senator of Maryland Susan Lee came to the ceremony and brought a congratulatory letter from the Maryland senate.

Ms. Susan Lee congratulated on the establishment of the Chinese American real estate association in greater Washington, D.C., and looked forward to the association’s active efforts to assist Maryland real estate practitioners and small and medium-sized enterprises to develop and grow together and give back to the society.

Other guests included Jacque Grenning, former President of the Washington area association of realtors (GCAAR); Kathleen Dartez, director of legal affairs for the Maryland association of realtors; Dontae Carroll, chief operating officer of KW; and Lynne Stein Benzion, director of corporate retention and expansion, Montgomery county economic development corporation. 

Ms. Stephany Yu, co-founder, and chairman of the association, Mr. Tony Yeh, vice President and marketing director of the association, and Mr. John Lin, co-founder of the association, gave speeches on their expectations and visions for the Chinese-American real estate association in great Washington.

Mr. Yeh said, “The greater Washington Chinese real estate association has been a dream of his for 30 years”. Now, the greater Washington Chinese real estate association has come into being, and his dream has come true. It was a historic moment for him, but it was the first step, and the association has a long way to go and more to do. 

Mr. Yeh said he would do his best to provide professional advice and business surveys to the general public, coordinate the mobilization of social resources, strengthen inter-industry business exchanges and build a bridge between the community and the government.

At the same time, the association needs people from all walks of life in Washington, D.C., more care and love, but also need more industry practitioners to actively join, to do their part, in order to make here can become the Chinese real estate industry practitioners in the wind and rain safe harbor, shade tree under the scorching sun. Great Washington Chinese real estate in the ascendant, the future can be expected, let us wait and see.

Friends from the American chamber of commerce and the real estate association are also sending out video blessings, wishing the Chinese real estate association of Washington to thrive.